Sunday, April 5, 2015


Today is the opening of Major League Baseball. The Cardinals play at the Cubs. This is always an exciting day for me. I love to follow baseball and I have a library of several hundred baseball books. And one of the great pleasures in life, for me, is getting up in the morning, and reading the box scores of the previous days games in the Boston Globe, while sipping the morning coffee.

To get in the mood I just watched some scenes on YouTube from the Field of Dreams movie. I watched James Earl Jones great speech about baseball and people will come. And then I watched the scene with Kevin Costner playing catch with his father. Joe Jackson tells him if you build it (the field) he will come. And of course, he meant Kevin's father. What a scene. I got moist eyes watching that. My father has been gone 35 years now. I can't play catch with him anymore. But I do think of him every day. And I carry his last drivers license in my wallet, as I have done since he died. So in a sense he is always with me!

To all the sons and daughters out there, get out there and play catch with your father and if he can't play catch, hug him and kiss him. And if he is not nearby, call him. Talk to him. Don't tweet, text or email. Before you know it, he will be walking out into the cornfield.

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Box score junkie said...

Fran: For over 60 years, I have started the day the same way: cereal, coffee, newspaper, sports page, box scores (in season).
My local newspaper just announced that they have deleted box scores from their sports page. Their survey says most people go online for this information anyway. So no big deal. Wrong: several of my peers reacted with outrage at the paper's action, as I did. We will adapt, as usual, but canceling the newspaper just got elevated on my action item list. All the best: Go Red Sox!
Cousin Mike